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Outsourcing Software Testing - Gaining a Different Perspective

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

As software development teams grow and expand, the task of QA testing the software is gradually shifted from the developers to other operational colleagues in the firm. Conventional business wisdom believes that although your colleague in accounting is not a programmer, he or she still understands "the business" better than the average Joe, and this knowledge will help with QA testing.

This arrangement does have its benefits. Having people out of the IT-realm look at software products will point out issues that developers might not be troubled with. Not to mention our friends in accounting are already under corporate payroll. In some ways, you have just created a make-shift QA Department.

A makeshift QA Team kills efficiency.

However this arrangements still has glaring issues.

  • Their understanding of "the business" actually makes them think differently from your ordinary customers.
  • They have no incentives in reporting bugs, since these tasks are added to their usual workload.
  • The company usually has very similar hardware/network setup.

so how do we test for the Mac.....

In the past, QA testing outsourcing has always been all about reducing cost. With the Pay4Bugs business model, we've noticed that there are significant gains in efficiency, in addition to tremendously lowered QA costs.

  • The Pay4Bugs testers behave just like regular end-users of your software product. In fact, they all behave differently, with different computers, and diverse network connections.
  • Software testing is all that they do. The incentives are aligned. Testers deliver a quality bug report, and you will then review and reward payment.
  • The Pay4Bugs platform is one quick way to organize all the reports, in a way developers can quickly knock out issues one-by-one.

In fact, the reason we built Pay4Bugs in the first place was to address these issues that we experienced when we were a growing software development shop. Our experience from both sides allows us to continuously improve the product, and make software development and testing a better experience for all.