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Do women make better software testers than men?

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

In a world, where most software are written by men......

Do women make better software testers?

The technology field has long been dominated by men, not because of any particular traits, but rather because society since decades back has deemed it a suitable career for men to stare at CRT screens and pound away on the keyboard.

As a result, most code are written by men. Again, I'm not trying to incite a gender controversy, as there are plenty of research studies showing that males and females are equal in their math ability. This was simply the result of society crafting trends for others to follow.

However, last week during  a debugging session internally, I found that female software testers obtained much better results than their male counterparts.

The group of testers were given the same instructions: debug an iPhone app, crash it, and provide the debug logs. Each were assigned approximately 2 hours.

The men in the group did manage to crash the app, but only once. Upon fulfilling the objective, they stopped. Either that or they continued with much less enthusiasm.

The women of the group on the other hand delivered pages of crash logs. Each error was also replicated twice, a thoughtful touch invaluable for the developers.

I've always believed women were more patient than men, which is a great quality when it comes to programming. Coding is tedious, debugging even more so. Are female software testers superior to male testers? In this tiny sample size.... I think so.

Just a thought.