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Voxel (VoxCAST) CDN Review - Simple, Easy, Affordable CDN

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

Pay4Bugs is a web app, and many of our customers are also using Pay4Bugs to test web apps. In the day and age when your customers come from all around the world, it's increasingly important to make sure that your site runs fast enough in the major markets.

Simply getting a host and putting up a server might be fine for your personal photo gallery, but when you have clients paying to use your site, you need to make sure it's fast and accessible.

Three years ago, we encountered the need for CDN services. We first tried out the industry leaders such as Akamai, Limelight, etc. and found one single problem. They were simply too expensive. Not just in recurring costs, but also the cost of entry.

Apparently to these large companies, CDN is something you do after you find success, not something that'd make you successful.

Voxel logo

Luckily through some searches, and a great referral, we met the folks at Voxel. Based in New York but with offices and more importantly servers around the world, the VoxCAST CDN service suited our needs perfectly.

Not only does it improve access speeds around the world, it was also incredibly easy to setup. For someone with little networking background, I (someone with little networking and server experience) had the system up and running, and powering the graphics and static files literally within the hour.

Pricing is extremely competitive, in fact you'd be surprised by how they made CDN's accessible. Voxel is definitely aware that CDN is not just for the Fortune 500 websites, but a crucial component for today's exciting web-apps.

Then there's the customer service, which is absolutely fantastic.

Sure, there will be little features where Voxel falls short of the big industry players, but I believe VoxCAST CDN is a great service for small tech companies to grow and scale. When the day comes to find a more robust and powerful CDN service, that's a wonderful problem to have, and I'm sure the folks at Voxel will have a solution waiting.