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Color Review - Week 2 of 4

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

For the second week, I seek to answer what many tech savvy mobile phone users have been asking: What exactly does Color do?

In week one, I took a quick look at the concept of the application, and how the first iteration was confusing, and failed to deliver the promises of the app's creators because it lacked the necessary network effect. Shortly after posting that entry, Color was updated. I was quite excited to test the application out at the New York Tech Mixer event. Where else do you find so many geeks and tech savvy users?

As the event begun, I fired up Color, and quickly took a picture of the events on stage. Unlike previous times, I actually saw 2 people who had color turned on, and one had a photo of this event.

The crowd was active and buzzing.

As I scramble around the dimly lit room, trying to find out who were my fellow Color-ers, I clicked around on the app, still not fully understanding what to do. One of the users seem to be a girl, that's all I know. Quite frankly as a male, that's all I cared about. In the promotional screen shots for Color in the App Store, all of the images showed attractive young women, I wonder why......

This is what I saw....

10 minutes later, I still had no luck locating the other Color users. Focusing my attention back to the app, I look at other images shared by the users. I look, not unlike how sometimes I fumble through random photo albums on Facebook. Nothing Earth shattering here.

The app goes off once again.

Perhaps the folks behind Color never bothered having the app tested by anyone outside of their organization, so nobody ever provided real world user feedback. Another reason sometimes you need outside testing by real people. 2 weeks later, at some of the most densely iPhone'd areas in the world, I'm still having a tough time figuring out exactly what Color does.