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App Review - DailyGobble

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

At Pay4Bugs, we are big believers in supply and demand. Letting the market set prices to improve efficiency, it tends to be a win-win for all parties involved. This is why when we heard about DailyGobble, a start-up company providing dining discounts via an iPhone app, we were quite excited about both the economic concept and the technology.

In an ideal world, restaurants would adjust prices dynamically to fill seats during slow business days, such as Tuesday dinners. However doing by changing menu prices is not only a logistical nightmare at the point of sale, but also confuses regular diners.

DailyGobble Logo

DailyGobble allows for dynamic, flexible pricing via discounts. Restaurants would offer different discounts on different days to attract additional diners. These diners would activate the deal in app, take a picture of their bill at the conclusion of the meal, and get cash back via Paypal. Simple yet brilliant.

There are many benefits of this concept. To the restaurant, added marginal income to offset fixed costs on slow days. To the diner, a chance for discounted dining, without having to show a coupon. Everything happens behind the scenes, yet everyone benefits.

The app already works well in New York, where the Geo-targeted app returns a list of participating restaurants and their discount offers. I took a deal, ate, then casually snapped a picture of the receipt at home and uploaded the image to DailyGobble. My refund came about 40 minutes later. Working as advertised!

My receipt

There are still quirks that needs to be worked out, and hopefully the folks at DailyGobble are working on fixes. As someone who does a lot of software testing, there are serious stability issues with the app, and it crashes on occasion under heavy usage, or just rapid consecutive entries. I'd also like to see backgrounding and the ability to bypass the splash screen after first use. The app does its job well, but App Store reviewers can be vicious. Another reason iOS testing is critical :) Yes, a shameless plug for Pay4Bugs software testing services.

In a marketplace filled with clones of other businesses, it's nice to see a start-up with a genuinely good idea. If you live in NY and SF, give the app a try and chime in with your thoughts!