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App Review for Cream - Better than Color, $41 Million Cheaper... but is it useful?

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

A short while ago I wrote a review of Color, the famous $41 million dollar iPhone app that got everyone confused. That review apparently struck a cord with many readers, and soon after I recently received an email from the folks at Handprint.me, and they presented to us an App called Cream.

Cream, a photo sharing app.

Apparently Cream is quite similar to Color, albeit $41 million cheaper, slightly less confusing, and genuinely delivering what it sets out to accomplish. There's no abstract, supposedly ground breaking color-based algorithm at work behind the scene, Cream uses simple hash #channels to show your pictures, and pictures taken by others.

The interface between Color and Cream are both similar, and share the same faults. Perhaps suffering from style over substance, there're abstract images where users are supposed to know where to click, rather than buttons with words on them. Granted it's not impossible to find out, but in the days when people have short attention spans (and quick trigger fingers to post App Store reviews), it's probably not too wise.

Picture taking interface is similar to Color.

When you do want to share pictures, or view random images from nearby folks, it's not a bad app to use. By not limiting the geographical distance like Color, you can actually see people's images on Cream. The immediate feeling is that the site's active.

Look at the various channels of Cream.

However, my question again is why people would want to share images on an app, that's a separate network altogether? If I wanted to look at pictures shared by friends, I'd probably hit up Facebook. If I felt like viewing random images by strangers, Twitpic would be a good alternative. Cream sets reasonable expectations, and delivers a fascinating platform, however at its current state, it's not particularly useful.

Cream is available for download on the App Store. Have an experience with Cream? Share it below!