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How to Upload iOS Device IDs into the Provisioning Portal

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

In order to install your pre-AppStore iOS applications onto the devices of Pay4Bugs testers, you will need to add their device IDs into your Provisioning Portal account. Instead of adding devices manually, we have provided a quick and easy method to export the device IDs onto a file, which you can upload into your Apple Developer Provisioning Portal.

  • From the "Team" page in your Pay4Bugs account, click on the button to "Export to Provisioning Portal". This will generate a tab-delimited file with the device names and device IDs, which is downloaded to your computer.
  • Login to your iOS Developer account at http://developer.apple.com.
  • Enter the iOS Provisioning Portal.
  • On the left hand side, click on "Devices".
  • Click on "Upload Device", then on the following screen, upload the file you downloaded from Step 1 above.

These users are now provisioned to install your iOS applications.

Generating a new Provisioning Profile

The next step is to create a new provisioning profile that includes your new devices. This ensures that the App, when uploaded to Pay4Bugs, is provisioned to be installed on your testing team's devices. Here's how:

  • Staying within the iOS Provisioning Portal, click on "Provisioning" on the left hand menu.
  • Select "Distribution" from the tabs above.
  • Click the "New Profile" button to create a new profile.
  • Choose "Ad Hoc" as the distribution method, enter a name for the profile, select the App ID of the App you're testing, then choose the devices you want to test with.
  • Click "Submit" to create the profile.
  • Drag the downloaded Provisioning Profile file onto the Xcode application icon in the dock or into the "Organizer" window within Xcode.

Building Your Application with the New Profile

With the new Provisioning Profile installed into Xcode, it's time to create a new build to upload into Pay4Bugs.

  • Open your existing project for your App.
  • In the Target Info window, navigate to the "Build" pane. Click the "Any iOS Device" pop-up menu below the "Code Signing Identity" field and select the iOS Development Certificate/Provisioning Profile pair you wish to sign and install your code with.
  • Run and compile the code by selecting "Product" -> "Archive"
  • Once the Archive operation completes, go to the Organizer, select your archive, select Share and in the "Select the content and options for sharing:" option, choose "iOS App Store Package (.ipa)" and "Identity" to "iPhone Distribution".
  • Upload the freshly minted .ipa file into Pay4Bugs, your team will receive a notification of the new version, and testing commences!