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Introducing iOS App Testing - Getting Your App Perfect for the App Store

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

We're thrilled to announce that today we launched a new iOS application testing feature, designed to facilitate the distribution of iOS applications to dedicated testers, and eliminate software bugs before the app debuts on the App Store. Designed to leverage our global team of software testers, clients can upload their iOS Application, select from the group of interested Pay4Bugs testers, and provide a financial incentive when users present a valid Bug Report.

iOS Software Debugging

The Apple App Store is a highly elegant software market place, which has created a unique opportunity for software development teams of every scale. However, it is also notoriously difficult to distribute software to testers. The App Store review system presents a harsh reality for developers: your app needs to meet the expectation of your users, or it’ll be pushed. As iOS developers ourselves, we set out to create a system where developers can have their apps tested on different hardware, network settings, in a cost effective and efficient fashion. Pay4Bugs helps you to find and eliminate bugs before the customers, so your app can be 5 stars from the start.

The new iOS testing feature allows developers to directly leverage Pay4Bug’s global team of testers, view their registered iOS devices, add testers to their team, and provide financial incentives to encourage testing. Highlights of the platform include:

  • Upload the app to Pay4Bugs, and distribute the app wirelessly to your approved testers. Testers install the app with just one click!
  • Create various “Bug Bounties” to reward different testing criteria. Pay only when a valid bug report is approved.
  • Track all reported bugs via the Bug Queue, and manage approved bug reports for easy reference.
  • Social media integration to easily notify your users of revisions, new builds, and new testing assignments.

There are absolutely no fees to get started with Pay4Bugs, and the new iOS features can be accessed with a basic usage plan of only $29.95 a month. Every plan comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, try it today!