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Testing Android Apps on Pay4Bugs

Posted by Larry Salibra on · Comments

Recently, we released iOS App Testing by Pay4Bugs.  We've gotten questions about how to test Android Apps on Pay4Bugs from our friends at ESPN and MTR. Pay4Bugs standard projects have actually always been able to test Android Apps because the Android platform is not restrictive about who can install what Apps unlike iOS.

Testing Android Apps on Pay4Bugs easy! Here's how:

  • Create a new Project for your Android App. Describe your App and it's expected functionality.
  • Create an Assignment in explaining what and how you want Testers to test your Android App. Include a link to your built for release .apk file or upload the .apk file as an attachment to the assignment. Ask testers to include information about their Android device, carrier and any other info you might need.
  • Start your assignment and sit back as bug reports come rolling in!

Don't forget that you don't need to limit your testing to pre-release.  You can use Pay4Bugs as a way to reward customers who find and report problems with your Apps that are already in the Android Marketplace. Give users an incentive to help you improve your Android App!

As always, you only pay for bug reports that are valuable to you.

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