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Introducing Pay4Bugs Basecamp Integration - We'll find the bugs, use Basecamp to track their annihilation.

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

We're huge fans products by 37Signals, which helps small businesses and enterprises organize projects and contacts in "the cloud" with their various web applications. Their flagship product is Basecamp, the project management software that we use internally and have recommended to many of our friends and clients.

The fact that Ruby on Rails was actually a framework extracted from their work on Basecamp makes them that much cooler. Need more convincing? the creator of Ruby on Rails Heinemeier Hansson commissioned his own special edition Italian sports car , but I digress...

Therefore we're thrilled to announce that Pay4Bugs has now integrated with the Basecamp API, creating the bug squishing tag team that's designed to deliver results.

Here's how it works it a nutshell:

  1. Developers create new software products that could benefit from real life testing and debugging. A Pay4Bugs project is created with a bounty. In the project settings, connect to Basecamp using the Basecamp API.
  2. Testers around the world step up to the challenge, and submit bug reports to the developer.
  3. The project manager vet the incoming bug reports. Legitimate bugs are approved, and the information is automatically sent into your Basecamp project.
  4. ![](/images/blog/2011/11/bc3.jpg)
  5. Track your open bugs via the awesomely simple "To-do" lists in Basecamp, and watch the developers squash bugs with epic efficiency.

Software bugs, meet your worse nightmare.

For more information on Pay4Bugs, visit Pay4Bugs.com. You can learn more about 37signal's Basecamp at http://www.basecamphq.com