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Pay4Bugs Upgraded to Rails 3

Posted by Larry Salibra on · Comments

Everything looks the same, but as of a week ago, Pay4Bugs is now running on Rails 3 and Ruby 1.9. The past couple months, we've been porting the code base over and fixing bugs.  Thanks as always to Pay4Bugs Testers for keeping us on our toes and quickly pointing out any bugs that slipped through our internal testing.

Now that we've got the codebase up to date, Pay4Bugs customers can look forward to a number of new client requested features and refinements on an accelerated schedule.

Last Friday, we launched a new email digest feature for customers. By default, clients will no longer receive an email for every new bug.  We realize how annoying this was.  Instead, clients will receive daily summary emails on days when new bugs are submitted and weekly email summaries otherwise.  Miss the per bug emails? You can turn them back on by clicking My Info.