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An Upgrade to the Pay4Bugs Basecamp API Integration

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

For people who use 37Signal's Basecamp to manage their projects, and use Pay4Bugs to find bugs, we just upgraded our API integration to make the interaction between the two sites more seamless.

As we described previously, when you enter your Basecamp API key into your Pay4Bugs profile, every time you approve a bug, it'll enter a to-do list item automatically in your Basecamp project. However we didn't think that was enough, since the integration was only one way.

Now when you complete a to-do item in Basecamp, we send the information back to your bug list on Pay4Bugs. This way as soon as a bug is resolved, it'll appear as "fixed", making it easier for testers as they approach your project.

Got any productivity APIs that you think we should connect to? Chime in with the comments section below!