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Introducing Lighthouse Integration

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

Isn't it wonderful when tech companies work with each other? This is synergy without any of the boardroom bureaucracy, just simple Ruby-on-Ruby lovin'

As some of you may know, Pay4Bugs was first conceived to fulfill an internal need. We needed to debug, and wanted a good platform to do so. Since then, we've developed Mobile Software Testing (we wrote apps), and integration with Basecamp (we love 37Signals). When there's a need that can be resolved with some code, we do it.

Of course we can't always be building just for ourselves. A client of Pay4Bugs recently requested integration with Lighthouse. So what are they? From the Entp website (the fine folks behind Lighthouse), Lighthouse is described as "a hosted ticket/issue tracking application that we built to handle our own product development in the most simple workflow environment we thought possible." Sounds good to us.

So after a few days of coding, we've completed integration with Lighthouse. Now when you approve a bug, Pay4Bugs will automatically send the information over to Lighthouse via the API. Find bugs here, track it there. Synergy.

Know any other software that you want to see us integrate with? Let us know via the comments below.