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Wake Alarm by Tiny Hearts, Tested by Pay4Bugs

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

We're thrilled to share the news about the release of Wake Alarm, a beautifully simple gesture based alarm made by Tiny Hearts. Not only is it a great app (currently 4 stars in the App Store), we're particularly excited because this app was tested via Pay4Bug's mobile testing service, and that I was personally involved in the testing process as a tester.

Wake Alarm for iPhone from Tiny Hearts on Vimeo.

App store link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wake-alarm/id616764635?ls=1&mt=8

As some of you may know, Pay4Bugs was originally built as an internal tool at Appartisan to test our own software. A practical tool built to solve existing pain points. The iOS software testing feature has a similar origin, as it was developed after Appartisan's first iOS app Instant Supercar was doomed at the start due to critical bugs. We realized, learning the hard way, that apps need to be bug free at release, and the usability needs to be in-line with user expectations.

When Tiny Hearts first signed up for Pay4Bugs, I was one of the first to sign up as a tester. Their previous work on the website really impressed, and I was looking forward to becoming one of the testers. Sure enough when the first build came along, it was one of the prettiest apps I've ever seen.

After clicking around Wake for a few minutes, I was almost ready to declare it bug free, partly mesmorized by the stunning interface. Then I decided to put aside my app developer hat, and reapproached Wake as a heavy user. Sure enough after way too many alarms set and cancelled, we found a handful of usability problems. One particularly memorable bug report was the "Shake" feature. Having turned the shake sensitivity setting to High, I found it too physically demanding to shake and terminate the alarm. Even though I was now wide awake, the alarm kept ringing. Quitting the app didn't help either, it just came right back.

Tiny Hearts processed and approved the bug reports promptly, and provided detailed feedback on how they planned to change and improve the app. Having downloaded and used the production version, I'm glad to see that it's better than ever.

Wake Alarm by Tiny Hearts is currently on sale for $1.99 in the App Store.

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