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Pay4Bugs is the original pay per bug software testing marketplace. Our testers seek out and report problems with your software or website before they cause you to lose sales and customers.

Added benefit of Pay4Bugs testing - We will help you promote it.

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

Last week we gushed about our adoration for the Wake Alarm iOS app, from our client Tiny Hearts. It's not a listed part of our service, but if your software application is deemed cool enough by the Pay4Bugs team, then expect a few blog posts and tweets to help spread the word about the awesome application that you were testing. Not just here, but also on some of our personal blogs, Twitter and Instagram accounts! (Of course, we'll always ask for your permission!)

We're proud of the software testing marketplace we've built, and by extension, we're also proud of every piece of software that went through our testers' vigorous testing processes and deemed bug free.

In fact, I'm thinking about some "Tested by Pay4Bugs" badges. They'll integrate nicely with our new features in the pipeline. Tell the world that your application has been thoroughly tested by Pay4Bugs, and we'll reciprocate the love on social media.