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We're going matte

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

For a good part of the last decade, Apple has been making developers and designers rethink their methods and beliefs.

First came the rounded corners that made things with right edges look downright unrefined. Then came shiny buttons, and thousands of Photoshop tutorials appeared online teaching people how to create that perfect translucent layer of gloss. Then came mobile icons, and now our world revolves around a bunch of tiny, retina resolution squares assisting us with every task.

Since the sacking of Forstall, people have been eagerly anticipating the next evolution of Apple's software direction. With the recent WWDC, iOS 7 introduced us to large rectangular buttons, large skinny typography, round profile icons, and an overall matte look.

Interestingly two of these changes flip their previous design principles upside its head. A neat observation of how something that looked so wrong a decade ago can look so right today... with the right execution.

It's certainly a nice coincidence that Apple's new aesthetics line up with our upcoming feature sets and redesign. Take a glance at our latest mock ups, you'll see a very matte design with the same graphical elements that stand out on iOS 7. We are really excited about the new content, which will be ready in a few more weeks time.

Will we go back to shiny rounded buttons again down the road? We shall revisit this topic in a few years.