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Struggles with Multiple Google Acccounts, Google's Service Integration Problems

Posted by C.S. Hsia on · Comments

If you're like us, you own multiple Google accounts. Some we created by choice, like the first GMail account you opened when that beta invitation finally came through (remember?). Others were likely created when work required an account for Analytics, Adsense, or Adwords, and you didn't want to login with your personal Gmail. Add the integrated services like Youtube, Blogger, Doubleclick.... "should I merge with my Gmail or...... nah, I'll make another.."

Me, I have another 3 domains that use the Google Apps service which were free (until Dec 2012), that adds another 3 primary Google Account logins. Making a total of 6.

Perhaps noticing this phenomenon that people are attached to multiple Google accounts, Google allowed for simultaneous logins to "supported Google products". On the email front, life got slightly better, but what exactly are supported products? Note that on a Google support page, it's said that Google Drive is a support product, but "works differently"

Sounds excellent in theory.

Two of my accounts have Adwords, one is a My Client Center (MCC) account. These not not interoperatable, when I need to switch I am forced to logout, which kills all my simultaneously logged in accounts that were using Google Drive and Gmail. The same situation exists for Adsense and Analytics.

Then there's Google Plus, oh boy where do I start.....

Without discussing the merits of G+ as a social network, web savvy users rely on G+ to improve social SEO results, setup Google Authorship, and manage Google Pages for better Local Search Results. Yet each Google account is designed to access a particular G+ profile. This contradicts the pricipal of simultaneous login! If Google knows that 5 Google Accounts are all "me", why am I prompted to setup 5 G+ profiles? The number of searches on how to "merge" different profiles show that it's a fairly common issues, without a simple solution. This merge is more of an export (via Google takeout) and import of Circles, you're still not at an integrated profile.

Still urging me to join G+?

Most of us have just one Facebook account, one Github account, and Apple ID for iCloud. From these we access a wide range of products and services. I have multiple Twitter accounts, but switching in between them never feels like a chore or causes any confusion.

What I hope to see one day is one singular login that allows me to access my different profiles. This will require a major revamp of how Google Accounts work right now, but is the logical way to go. Wouldn't this make a good reason to setup and properly maintain your Google Plus?

Are we in the minority for simply having too many Google Accounts, or is this a fairly common occurance? Chime in with the comments below.