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TestFlight support coming soon

Posted by Larry Salibra on · Comments

Pay4Bugs TestFlight Support has launched!

It’s been a week since Apple announced it’s latest round of world changing products. Lost amongst the new product excitement and U2 scandal was the news that Apple’s new TestFlight app has hit the App Store.


TestFlight was a product similar to our built-in iOS distribution mechanism that automated the process of collecting tester device information and automated the process of distributing builds to testers.

Since its acquisition, Apple has re-engineered TestFlight to integrate with their iTunes Connect and App Store backend systems so that it allows beta builds to be distributed directly through the App Store.

TestFlight still doesn’t answer the question of where you’re supposed to find beta testers and how you get them to actually test and report problems. That’s where Pay4Bugs comes in. With our unique pay per bug model, and thousands strong network of testers, we ensure that people have the right incentives to test your app and tell you about the problems they find. No need to waste time hassling your best customers, friends and family to spend their valuable time testing your product.

Today, we’re announcing that we’re retiring our iOS Distribution feature and will launching new TestFlight support later this year. We think you’ll be very happy with how fast and easy it will be to test iOS apps with Pay4Bugs.

In the meantime, the best way to test your iOS App with Pay4Bugs is to create a build signed with your iOS Enterprise Developer account and upload it to our platform.