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Crowdsourced Testing for Apple TestFlight

Posted by Larry Salibra on · Comments

Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch and immediate availability of Pay4Bugs integration with Apple TestFlight. This makes Pay4Bugs the first and only crowdsourced app testing service to support iOS 8’s new beta testing program.

For less than half the cost of an iPhone 6, we give companies a month of unlimited testing and fifteen standard bug reports.

iOS is still the most popular mobile platform for developers. Customers have been emailing us daily looking for help testing their pre-release iOS apps.

Testing a pre-release iOS app on Pay4Bugs is easy.

To start, create a Pay4Bugs TestFlight project and assignment:

When you activate testing, eligible testers are offered your project and will indicate if they’re willing to test.

You’ll see a list of interested testers in your project’s TestFlight Team page and can decide which interested testers you’d like to add to your testing team. Once you’ve assembled your team, you can export their TestFlight Apple IDs for import into iTunes Connect.

Pay4Bugs TestFlight support is available now starting on our Pro plan and higher. Have questions? Shoot us an email or tweet!