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Vetting testers with the Blockchain

Posted by Larry Salibra on · Comments

Our clients’ products are the heart and souls of their business. They are the culmination of untold amounts of investment of both time and money. One of the most frequent pre-sales questions we get from clients is how we perceive the risks of asking crowd-based testers to test their pre-release proprietary IP. We understand their concern and do our best to provide tools that allow them to enjoy the benefits of crowdsourced testing while controlling the risk.


One such tool is the ability to require each Tester to agree to a company’s custom non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement before being allowed to test a project, a feature called "Custom tester agreements" and available with both our Business and Enterprise plans.

Today, I’m happy to announced that we’re strengthening our commitment to trust in testing. We now offer our tester community the option to go through an identity verification process. The first step in the process is an online identity verification where we use emerging Bitcoin blockchain technology and public verification process to verify the tester’s online social media properties.

Pay4Bugs Passcard Identity Verification

The process is simple. Testers show us their Passcard, a digital passport secured by the blockchain, by entering their Passcard passname. Those without a Passcard can get one for free. We are able to see their verified public social media properties in the Passcard and independently verify the proof of each of those accounts. Finally, we ask the tester to make a public post to one of the verified social media accounts publicly announcing his or her Pay4Bugs username, proving that the tester owns his Passcard digital passport.

Those that agree to submit to and pass the identity verification will be offered: access to higher value project (contingent on their performance in the community) and the opportunity to increase earnings and invited to completed additional real world identity and credential verification.

Enterprise clients and testing managers will be shown a visual representation of the tester’s Passcard, called a Nametile (mouseover or tap +larry to see mine), and can use this information in addition to performance-based metrics to determine testers’ credibility.

Think you’d make a trustworthy tester? Apply to join the Pay4Bugs Tester Team today! Questions? Get in touch!