Bug reports in less than 5 minutes

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One of the questions we often get from potential Pay4Bugs customers is: How long will it take for people to start finding bugs? I'm not only the founder of Pay4Bugs, but also a customer. Less than an hour ago, I posted our new VPN product on Pay4Bugs and immediately made Read more »

Do women make better software testers than men?

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In a world, where most software are written by men...... Do women make better software testers? The technology field has long been dominated by men, not because of any particular traits, but rather because society since decades back has deemed it a suitable career for men to stare at CRT Read more »

iPhone App Testing Tips for Good Feedback Ratings

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Before your product goes in front of customers, you naturally want to get it tested by the largest number of testers available. This is usually accomplished via alpha builds, closed-beta tests, etc. Developing and testing for the iPhone is a completely different experience altogether, and present these 2 issues to Read more »